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Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus Women, 10billion, 10 capsules

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  • Clinically Shown Effective at 5 - 10 Billion*
  • Contains 4 Patented & Clinically Documented Vaginal Strains in Each Capsule
  • Helps Restore Healthy Vaginal Flora*
  • Promotes Urinary Tract Health*
  • Lowers the pH of the Vagina*
  • BRAND : Jarrow Formulas
  • Expiration : 10/01/2020
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  • Product Description

    The Only True Women’s Probiotic With Four Strains Resident in the Healthy Vaginal Tract*

    Jarro-Dophilus® Women combines the most prevalent vaginal lactobacilli species and has been clinically shown to be effective at 5 - 10 billion to help restore healthy vaginal flora.*

    Undesirable bacteria do not thrive in an acidic environment. Jarro-Dophilus® Women’s patented strains produce lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide (H202) and have been shown in clinical studies to lower vaginal pH, creating a mildly acidic and healthier microbial environment.*

    Supplement Facts

    Tapioca starch. Capsule consists of bovine gelatin.

    No wheat, gluten, soybeans, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish, or peanuts/tree nuts.

    Free of major allergens.


    For maintenance, take 1 capsule per day. Increase to 1 capsule twice daily as needed, or take as directed by your qualified healthcare professional. Take at least 1-2 hours after taking antibiotics.

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