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Invisible Barrier Superband, 5 pcs

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  • WORLD’S #1 SELLING INSECT REPELLING WRISTBAND! Brought to you by the makers of the original Insect Repelling Superband, the all new Invisible Barrier Superband is infused with all natural, non-toxic insect repelling oils. DEET and toxic chemical free!
  • THE ONLY NATURAL INSECT REPELLING BRAND that is fully registered in each required state and compliant with the EPA FIFRA 25b registrations!
  • Pack contains 5 Invisible Barrier Superbands that last for up to 120 hours each. Includes resealable pouch for elongated potency. Invisible Barrier SuperBands are high quality, microfiber bracelets infused with all natural insect-repelling oils. Just attach to a backpack, pantloop, stroller, wrist, or ankle for long-lasting, non-greasy, waterproof relief from bugs!
  • Fully adjustable microfiber band will fit everyone in your family. Fast and easy, don't waste time slathering on sticky lotions or breathing in aerosols. No mess. No fuss.
  • Guaranteed to stop mosquito bites! Unlike other big companies, as a growing small business we understand how important each and every purchase is, so your happiness is our number one concern. If you don't love the Invisible Barrier Superbands, we'll refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked.
  • Expiration : This product has no expiration date or the manufacturer has not provided an expiration date.
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    The Invisible Barrier Superband is a DEET free, non-toxic, one-size-fits-all insect repelling wristband. These premium plush microfiber wristbands are infused with the premium, natural insect repelling oil, Geraniol, during the innovative manufacturing process. The Invisible Barrier Superband Wristband is fast and easy to use.

    HOW DO YOU USE IT? Simply snap the Invisible Barrier Superband Wristband on your wrist or ankle, no need to apply messy lotions or sprays.

    WHY IS THE SUPERBAND THE BEST NON-TOXIC INSECT REPELLENT? The Invisible Barrier Superband Wristband lasts up to 120 hours and is safe for adults and children 3+ with adult supervision.

    This product has no expiration date or the manufacturer has not provided an expiration date.
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