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Crystal Light: Raspberry Iced Tea, 6 packets

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  • 5 calories per serving
  • Sugar free
  • Crystal Light iced tea has natural flavor
  • BRAND : Crystal Light
  • Expiration : 07/01/2021
  • Availability : In stock
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  • Product Description
    Crystal Light Raspberry Iced Tea Drink Mix, 6-Count Canisters, is a delicious drink that you will be able to drink anytime. It's the refreshment for a lazy summer afternoon, cookouts or after a backyard volleyball game. Each sip will bring back memories of past good times, laughter and friends. It is a staple for summer months and parties. Everyone will enjoy the raspberry natural iced tea flavor with other natural flavors. It is sugar free and a welcomed and sweet alternative to soda. Each canister makes 2 quarts. It is easy to store and prepare this beverage. Since it is light, it is easy to carry it outdoors or pack to take on a camping trip. Quick and easy to prepare, this is the drink that you know everyone enjoy.
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