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Aunt Fannie's Flypunch Non-Toxic Fruit Fly Trap, 6 fl oz / 177ml

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  • Fly Trap
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe near food
  • Powerful
  • Fast
  • Expiration : This product has no expiration date or the manufacturer has not provided an expiration date.
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  • Product Description

    Aunt Fannie Flypunch! Fruit Fly Trap is a powerful, non-toxic fruit fly formula that safely and effectively eliminates fruit flies. Safe around people and food, their revolutionary product is an ideal solution for protecting your family’s health. Fruit flies cause foods to spoil faster and can be an embarrassing issue in your home. Using FlyPunch! can reduce food spoilage and waste, and you can rest easy that your fruit fly problem will soon be a distant memory!

    Eliminate Fruit Flies at Work
    FlyPunch! is a powerful, industrial-grade, non-toxic formulation that’s ease to use, efficient, and safe near food and people. In the food and drink industry, food safety is paramount and it’s critical to keep fruit flies at bay. Reduce costly spoilage and waste and keep your customers happy.

    No More Dirty Little Secrets
    They get it. Fruit flies are disgusting and always seem to show up at the wrong time (as if there’s ever a good time). Trust us, it’s not your fault. Fruit flies hitchhike in on food or come in from outdoors, and no amount of cleaning will change that fact. Keep FlyPunch! in your kitchen and keep fruit flies away for good. Heck, keep FlyPunch! out on the counter for all to see. Whether you know it or not, your friends need it too and will thank you!

    544% Fewer Fruit Flies
    FlyPunch! is so safe and effective, if spilled your only worry will be mopping up 544% more fruit flies since university research found FlyPunch! 544% more effective than comparable products. What’s more, unlike other commercial competitors, they don’t use poisons derived from World War 2 nerve agents (true story). Just use FlyPunch! to kill fruit flies. You’ll be happy you did.

    Show Them No Mercy
    Fruit flies are serious contaminators of food, appear from nowhere, and then multiply at incredible rates. Fruit flies are considered the greatest menace to many sectors of the food and drink industry, and are frequently cited as the contaminating agent in reports of food seizures by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The worst part is, they typically enter an establishment on or in the food and drink products purchased from others. So no matter how clean you keep your business, fruit flies are a daily threat to the cleanliness of your establishment, reputation with customers, and spoilage rates of your food and drink products.

    Active Ingredients:
    Sodium lauryl Sulfate CAS# 151-21-3 - 3.00%
    Malic Acid CAS# 6915-15-7 - 0.05%
    Other Ingredients* - 96.95%
    Total - 100.00%

    Water CAS# 7732-18-5
    Vinegar CAS# 8028-52-2
    Ethyl Lactate CAS# 97-64-3
    Citrus Pulp CAS# 68514-76-1
    This product has no expiration date or the manufacturer has not provided an expiration date.
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